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Car Wash Services

We all know the importance of a well-maintained car, but who has the time to take their vehicle to a car detailing shop every time it starts to get dingy?  All Star Wash makes sure your vehicle gets the care it needs with no hassle to you with our mobile car detailing in Toronto. We bring professional quality auto detailing right to your home or business! 

Each of our trained technicians will treat your vehicle with expert care and industry leading techniques to achieve a healthy clean and beautiful shine. Our fully equipped mobile shops include everything we need to deep clean and polish your car, truck, boat, or trailer inside and out. This includes all products, tools and even water.

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Our Promise To You

All Star Wash is committed to bringing you the auto detailing solutions that will make your car cleaner, look better, and improve performance.  Each of our services is designed to make your driving experience safer, and more enjoyable. From disinfected interiors to shiny, like-new exteriors, we optimize the look and feel of your vehicle. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal with every service we provide. 

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All Star Wash

Full Service Interior Detailing

Expert Pet Hair Removal

We use specially designed vacuum attachments to lift pet hair and dander. This is a must-have treatment for anyone with a pet allergy or sensitivity. 

Leather Conditioning

Cleaning and conditioning your leather interior helps to keep the material supple and resistant to cracking and fading. 

Thorough Detailing

All of those tiny grooves and hidden spots in door jambs, dashboard panels and cup holders can collect dust, dirt and bacteria. Our expert technicians will remove months or even years of built up materials to restore your vehicle’s interior to new.

Stain and Odor Removal

We use environmentally friendly practices to remove difficult stains and odors. Get out ozone generator service to treat even the most unpleasant smells. 

Interior Windows

We restore your windows to sparkling, crystal clear quality.

Trunk Cleaning

Remove difficult stains and odors from your trunk with our trunk shampoo and vacuum service. 

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Trained Professionals

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Environmentally Friendly Car Detailing Toronto

All Star Wash aims to not only make your car look better today, but to do our small part to make our community better tomorrow. We employ environmentally friendly products and water-waste reducing steam cleaning to make both your car and environment healthier.

By using steam cleaning, we are able to kill bacteria and odors without filling your vehicle with harmful cleaning products. When other auto detailing companies use harsh chemicals, these can remain in your car’s interior where you and your loved ones will be breathing them in. With steam, you get the same clean without the harmful impact to your health or environment. 

Showroom Detailing and New Car Package

Our showroom detailing is the ultimate package for making your car sparkle. Showroom packages include many of our interior and exterior services bundled into one convenient treatment. This package is among our most popular options and is available to individuals and corporations.

For a completely new car feel, we offer a like-new car package which includes everything that the showroom detailing has along with protective sealing and polishing. We also detail your engine for better performance and remove contaminants that could be affecting your paint. 

This package will greatly improve or fully restore both new and older vehicles. A thorough detailing like this is recommended once or twice a year depending on how often you use your car. It can also help to improve the marketability and value when you are getting ready to sell the vehicle.

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Wash Packages

Standard Wash

Exterior wash
Towel hand dry
Wheel shine

Deluxe Wash

Standard wash +
Interior cleaning
Interior vacum

Ultimate Care

Deluxe wash +
Exterior Protectant
Care wax

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